Quebar Company

To leave to the part people who if comprazem in the badness is uncharitableness? is not uncharitableness the person to act ahead cynically of the others only with the intention of avacalhar the other people’s honor? The person has of being caridosa with the others? Clearly that yes! But (o) will not be caridosa with nobody if not to start for the charity to act well with same itself. To love is not to share with if they had deviated from the good, but to practise correct actions so that they can see and follow the good example. Which father would be happy seeing the son in harms company? None! Breaking bones Then, I was the Tel-Abibe, to the ones of the exile, that inhabited next to the river Quebar, and started to live where they inhabited; e, per seven days, I was based myself there, astonished in the way of them. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 3:15. They say: A never dumb person, the behavior of nobody: Then, a bad character, Can help somebody? Each person chooses the deserved company, a good woman, does not follow a loafer. She has harmony in addition, When the choice is missed, a good person, does not walk with avacalhada. This said popular, Never is old-fashioned: ' ' You say me with who you walk, and I will say who to you s' ' , Because a honest man, does not follow rals.