Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang

Van Halen – American rock band that was formed in 1974 in Pasadena, Calif., at the initiative of brothers Edward Van Halen and Alex Van Halen. Soon they were joined by vocalist David Lee Roth. Musicians began performances on bars and clubs until they saw a bulge Gene Simmons. On his recommendation, the group listened to producer Ted Templemen and soon Van Halen made a deal with the studio 'Warner Bros'. In the same year they released their debut album 'Van Halen I', which critics have taken a delight. A few months later, the disc was platinum.

The next album 'Van Halen II' was such a success. After several not very successful album CD "1984" returned them to their original location and determined the final shape of their sound. 1995 a great deal for the group means, because then They recorded, probably the second most important album of his career – 'Balance'. Today the group is inactive. Well we will wait what they will be pleased with us …

By the way, the first album the group released in 1986 by a group of called "5150." "5150" – a code that uses the U.S. police (denotes maniac psychopath). This is actually the name of the studio, which recorded the group. In 1992, Eddie and Alex officially presented the new guitar amp "5150" which was created by Peavey with direct involvement of Eddie Van Halen. Steve Morse, the current guitarist of Deep Purple often uses during his performances guitar amplifier, "5150." Rock band Van Halen, reunited in the original composed by vocalist David Lee Roth, has earned a tour of North America, more than 93 million dollars, a record for the team, according to Reuters. The tour, which began in September 2007, finished this week. During this time, musicians gave concerts in 74 U.S. and Canada, performing in front of a total of nearly one million people. Tour several times was in jeopardy because of uneasy relations between Lee Roth and Van Halen brothers – guitarist Eddie and drummer Alex. In addition, in the middle of the tour Eddie Van Halen unexpectedly took to rehab. Nevertheless, these problems did not stop Van Halen to his most successful tour. David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985, and only in agreed last year to reunite with former colleagues. From the classical composition of the group participated in the tour not only bassist Michael Anthony was replaced by 17-year-old son of Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang.