Environmentalists Call

There is no enough courage to keep the limit, says Greenpece. Environmentalists say that the measure had reduced emissions. The Government raised the speed limit of the 11th Km/h. Survey: do you see well that not be extended the limit of 110 km/h? The Government has not shown enough courage to maintain in force a rule, as speed reduction on motorways, which has proved its effectiveness in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, says Greenpeace Spain. The Manager in Spain of the campaign of transport of that international organization, Sara Pizzinato, stated that this is a bad time to revoke a decision the population had become accustomed to that, which got, in addition, save in spending public, private, and emissions of polluting gases. The Vice President and Minister of the Interior, Adolfo Perez Rubalcaba, today announced the Government decision not to renew the speed reduction on motorways and dual carriageways from 120 to 110 kilometres per hour, despite recognizing its term meant a savings of 450 million euros in oil bill. Although it was announced early on as temporary, before extraordinary price of a barrel of oil, that last March, the month of its application, was around $115, there are other compelling reasons that remain, as commitments of Spain reduced by 2020 a 20 percent s cto greenhouse gas emissions, said the activist.Spain returns to become a country vulnerable to the oil price, a market that has proven to be extremely volatile and any another upturn will feel. It should establish long-term structural measures, he insisted. According to Greenpeace, which said to have requested the Administration to extension of the speed reduction and that it linked the objectives of United Nations by 2020, if action is not taken in a forceful way to reduce oil consumption, emissions causing the feared climate change will not be reduced. New oil exploration in the Arctic, which Greenpeace is opposed by aggressive and dangerous, are a consequence of the constant demand for crude oil, a trend that must end, said the expert. In a statement, Ecologistas en Accion, for his part, stressed the inconsistency of the Government decision that removes a rule, after recognizing its advantages. Reaching 130 km/h the main clubs and automobile associations have praised for its part the Government decision not to extend the limit. However, these associations have influenced what little ctiva has proved this measure, since they understand that generated savings has been due more to the reduction of the circulation on roads because of the crisis which in itself limiting speed. At the same time there has been a general coincidence in that savings asset’scarryingamount of fuel in the road traffic is to be found more in measures of incentive’s sales of new cars, whose polluting levels become 40% less than ten cars years old. Alonso concreted, for your organization, including a maximum limit of 130 km/h on motorways and dual carriageways is able to be homologated with objectives of energy saving, environmental and road safety. Source of the news: environmentalists call for maintaining the 110 km/h while drivers clubs ask for upload to 130