Learn English Playing

I from very small was fanatical of the television, the cinema and the videojuegos. And I indeed do not speak of mentioned play station or at least famous the super ones nintendo. I remember my first 2600, and I knew nintendo there. Being so young, I simply became accustomed myself to press bellboys. More ahead, it enters to me but in the world of the videojuegos of roll. For that time not yet image and sound had been developed to the technological wonders as far as, but those texts in 2 polygons were then, comprehensible. My despair arrived when in some level of the game, it could not advance or, or simply I had left blocked not to include/understand what in the screen they were saying to me. So, with desire to finish the game, I was decided to take a dictionary and word by was them to word translating, until it joined the meaning and it removed a literal translation by logic.

More ahead, I began to see English in the school, and that was strengthening a little my level. No longer it had to resort as much to the dictionary, because it saw one word and by it to have seen in some different game, automatically venia this meaning mind. And already, he was not so complicated to associate the set of words to discover the meaning of an oration. He is why I have thought and I have realized, that does not waste my life, happening so many hours in front of the video console. I do not try to say that he was correct, because obvious it spent sometimes but hours to me of the account. If you are decided to try it, I assure to him that with a little time she will begin to learn words without thinking it, and soon will have a good level of vocabulary. The secret to learn is simple: To amuse itself.