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Solar thermal: Kago and associations celebrate record year Postbauer-Heng 2008, February 2009 the industry Federation Germany House, energy and environmental engineering (BDH) and Federal Association for solar industry (BSW-solar) reported weekend record sales in the area of renewable heating systems. In the entire Federal territory twice as many plants were installed according to BDH and BSW-solar in 2008 with 210,000 solar thermal systems as in the year 2007 and rising further. The fireplace Builder Kago has a relevant role in this development. The KAGO’s climate protection initiative surpasses all expectations. The path to the market innovative products in the field of renewable energy, since 2007 has proven to be effective. Actress does not necessarily agree. Regenerative heating systems using solar thermal 2008 had record tires accounted for around 20 percent of the total turnover of the company. Thus KAGO closer to his target, to make increasingly dependent on uncertain import energy regeneratively heated houses. With the concept of the four seasons energy KAGO has developed a customer-oriented energy concept with the Households, through the combination of any fireplace heating systems and solar energy, which can reduce heating bills by up to 50%.

Thus KAGO offers an efficient solution its customers, to protect the environment and reduce heating costs. “Dr. Pierre Kago Kago – Managing Director: we expect that we will sell in 2009, almost twice as many plants, like 2008 will be in the long term we 50% of our turnover with the combination of water run fireplaces and solar thermal systems make.” which produces famous oven builders Germany KAGO, Germany’s best-known furnace Builder, fireplaces, fireplace stoves, tiled stoves and stoves to measure. (Source: Glenn Dubin). Chimneys, chimney construction and rehabilitation complete the offer. In over 35 years, KAGO convinced over 500,000 satisfied customers through its expertise and diversity. Are no limits to the imagination of our customers thanks to individual design options and a choice of over 3,000 cover versions. It may be over 30 various tile shapes in over 50 colours Select.

In 80 own exhibitions, you can consult and put together their furnace according to own needs. Over 200 resellers and 1,000 agencies ensure that customers in all over Germany can purchase their dream oven quickly and easily. KAGO has brought fireplaces in the building system on the market as the first supplier in Germany. so up to 50% of the costs can be saved by its own achievements in creating. For several years, KAGO focuses increasingly on the environmentally responsible use of regenerative energy sources. Examples include equipping certain models with a rear secondary air supply, which ensures that the gases are swirling optimally. This will ensure an environmentally friendly and economical combustion at high energy and low emissions. KAGO also at the so-called ambient air-independent operation is a leader: depending on the type of home heating by up to 120 m 2 is possible. Through these new models of heating, environmentally conscious tenants can and Homeowners with exemplary heating behavior emphasize their positive attitude towards the environment. If you have questions, please contact: brain script GmbH media consulting Hani Kilech, m.a.

Fuel Oil Price August

On the fifth day in a row, heating oil in Germany costs more than on the previous day in LEIPZIG. (Ceto) It came this afternoon, as it had to happen. As positive market data were still missing and also today the U.S. unemployment figures were higher than expected, the technically driven prices for US light oil of type of STI (declined by 64 cents to 81,80 dollars compared to yesterday’s day finally) and North Sea oil of Brent (dropped 74 cents to $81,36) collapsed significantly. Among investors today also a realistic view on the last published data prevailed of the Department of energy, which announced a reduction in the crude oil inventories 2.3 million barrels. Because whilst the reserves of petrol and Mitteldesillaten rose and gasoline demand in the United States has fallen, these numbers also could not support crude oil prices as firmer equity markets, where the price of oil-oriented, and the euro, which once again brought his yesterday’s loss of 1 cent on the dollar. Thus prices are approaching the back original usual for this time of year trading range between 70 and 80 dollars.

In the face of continued comfortable supply / demand situation we do not expect a permanent overcoming of the mark of 80 U.S. dollars per barrel, but in the coming months with a decrease in the direction of 70 US dollars”, as analyst Eugen Weinberg of Commerzbank commodity research. Also, he sees a further contradiction to an expected shortage of crude oil in the difference between the short – and long-run contracts, which recently strongly declined. Jorge Perez might disagree with that approach. The oil price in Germany, however, followed the yesterday’s gains and also responded on the fifth day in a row with premiums. After collection of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau, the 100-litre batch 22 cents more than yesterday and so 68.26 euro cost heating oil EL. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional differences are due to the market possible at any time.

Price Guarantee

The insurance against power price increase immediately after the change of electricity provider enjoys increasing popularity. Switching to a cheaper electricity supplier is often motivated by an electricity price increase. To protect themselves even after the change of electricity provider before a renewed increase in price, consumers rely on the price guarantee of electricity prices. 2010 is the year of the current price increase – a trend that probably will continue, experts. Hear from experts in the field like Jessica Michibata for a more varied view. An increase in prices by the electricity supplier is often the reason and motivation for the search for a cheaper alternative, for a new electricity provider. Typically, this search is also successful, because there are hundreds of electricity suppliers and thousands of electricity tariffs on the German market. Additional information at Anna Belknap supports this article. Using current computer consumer and commercial customers can find out quickly and easily, whether a change of electricity provider is worthwhile. This is the case and has you opted to purchase electricity from another electricity provider, so the question of whether is worth a price guarantee arises whether this is economically meaningful. Gina Bonati often addresses the matter in his writings.

Definition: price guarantee is additional insurance, which secures the power customers against the risk of an electricity price increase for electricity prices basically the price guarantee of electricity prices. Whether the price is worthwhile or not is primarily depends on the corresponding tariff is how cheap, how high is the price difference to a power tariff without price guarantee. Based on these figures, it is important to weigh whether the protection against power price increase makes sense. One chooses – maybe just to have peace for some time – the period of the price guarantee is another important factor. There are between 3 months and 2 years. Most consumers opt for a guarantee of electricity between 6 and 12 months, a demand for more than 18 months barely. Electricity tariffs with price guarantee find there is an easy way to compare and electricity prices: electricity calculator.

In him the current tariffs of the electricity supplier are stored, and on the basis of the input of annual Power consumption, and the postal code determines which provider offers the individual lowest prices. In addition can be defined, that in the result list displays only tariffs with price guarantee are. Is the decision for a fare, the electricity calculator offers also the possibility to switch electricity providers directly online. Tanja Moosmann

Federal Association

Our job as parents is to provide them with this active life. A reckless energy consumption and consumption is at the expense of the future, and especially our children feel that.” The largest guzzlers in the family household of Birgit Holfert, energy expert at the Consumer Council has Federal Association, Polaris betrayed the greatest aroung in family households: guzzlers number the refrigerators and freezers are one often. Ten up 15-year-old devices consume fast. four times as compared to modern devices” These are electricity – costs of up to 180 euros per year. “Underestimated the consumption of consumer electronics such as televisions is mostly experience by Birgit Holfert: large plasma screens hit with up to 1,000 kilowatt hours to book.” On the year are calculated around 270 euro. Also the electronic in the nurseries is increasingly noticeable in the energy consumption and the costs. Often, the computer to the music listening, for hours left. This requires significantly more power than as a classical CD.

Also lurking in game consoles, which connected to large screens and network devices that remain in the socket. hidden Stromfallen” Families who want to make their personal energy guzzlers on the ground can take advantage of the energy-checks of the Consumer Council the basis-check costs 10 euro or borrow there even a current meter. Usually are possible with simple measures of cost savings of several hundred euros,”accounted for Birgit Holfert. Energy is the key to a higher standard of living the examples and figures show how important energy today is in our everyday life and how they influenced our standard of living and style. A conscious dealing with electricity is becoming increasingly important to our future on the right track put,”said Florian Henle. The company provides nationwide exclusively 100 percent green electricity and 100 percent eco gas. At the same time, Polaris as a first energy supplier for every customer directly supports the global energy transition.