Popular Cultural Expression

It is a very great lie. Why it is not fight, nor it is game. It is not game, more is fight. It is not game, more is trick. It is not trick, but is of truth. Then, in we are always simulating a situation to them of danger for the other and the other if defending and if esquivando (deposition of Decnio Master in Umberto, 2000 apud SAINTS, 2009 P.

128). an art that helps to the body and the mind to work together, together with the capacity to develop the knowledge. Capoeira is a Popular Cultural Expression, where it involves dance, Music Fight, game is expression, is the only Brazilian sport. Sport that express the movements of the body in one fights danced with blows differentiated of any another martial sport well. Sport that helps very in the mental development of the athlete, is that it brings a good balance very that is my base of life. It is an art of much value for who practises. When you do not know you are a street game.

More if you are part of it, you you learn that it has philosophy, very pretty. A pretty and very wonderful art. For Vieira (2006), even so diverse meanings for vocbulo are found ' ' capoeira' ' , each one if relating the objects, animals, people or situations, in esportivos terms, are about a game of corporal dexterity, with use of legs, arms and head, practised in pairs, based in attacks, esquivas and hints, to the sound of cnticos and musical instruments (berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agog and reco-reco). Focused in its origins as a dance-fight, that finished generating unfoldings and possibilities of job as: gymnastics, dances, sport, art, martial art, folklore, recreation and theater, characterizing itself, in general way, as a playful activity. Already with the saudoso Pastinha Master (Vicente Pastinha Blacksmith, that lived in the Bahia and faleceu in 1980) he defined that ' ' the capoeira is everything that the mouth eats and everything that the body of! ' '.