Oily Skin

It seems that all the skin problems are concentrated in the period of adolescence: an incredible number of pimples, blackheads, inflammations, rashes, scars healed, and more. All these troubles are explained by a one reason – excessive sebum. With age, of course, is often lost, and even can change skin type, for example, from fat to combined. But this is not always! So let’s talk, as to care for oily skin at any age. To do this we need to figure out what tasks we set ourselves in this situation? Of course, to remove the shine and narrow pores.

In this case you will contribute to cleaning agents Let not the usual, and those that are designed to lean on. These tools will remove excess fat and at the same time not provoke the emergence of a new one. With this great deal can be the tonic. We need someone who is perfectly cope with this task: effectively cleanse the skin and refresh it and intensify the process of skin regeneration. We are talking about cosmetics Crystal Youth from Desheli. Means only the firm include three-stage purification (series Crystal youth pro age for girls and boys under 35 years) and four-way (series Crystal youth anti age for women and men after 35 years).

The fact that the product has one feature which is a unique technology called “intelligent crystals.” The particles of sucrose can increase several times the efficiency of components, helping to find flaws and to exert its effect only on them. This allows us to make extremely efficient purification. In a series of Crystal youth pro age includes Cleansing Lotion, Purifying Mud Mask and tonic to restore moisture balance. The first tool is suitable for removing make-up and removes dead skin cells. Mud Mask Desheli has been operating at a deeper level, normalizing blood circulation and regulate all metabolic processes of skin system. Also struggling with fatty deposits, fighting and preventing the emergence of sebum. The final stage of purification is a tonic to restore the balance skin that will soothe your skin and support the optimal moisture balance. In line DeSheli Crystal youth anti age included the following tools: Cleansing Milk, Gentle exfoliation, mud mask and herbal tonic. Lotion prepares your skin for further purification, removing the pollution of all kinds from the skin. A gentle scrub polishes and brightens the face. Mud Mask, as it should from the Dead Sea cosmetics, slows the aging process, improving smoothness and elasticity. This occurs due to the fact that mask deep cleanses pores and contaminated exfoliates dead cells. Phyto tonic soothes the skin and refreshes. Of course, in the comprehensive care must include not only cleaning agents, and moisturizers, protective and nourishing. That is why the company DeSheli have been developed and incorporated into the cosmetic sets all the necessary tools. Safety and effectiveness in the use of procedures, did not want it, millions of women?