Learning To Properly Present A Girl Flowers …

Which flowers are best to give answer is very simple and elementary, to give to such flowers, which she likes. If you do not know what your favorite colors, a favorite color, then read on demolish myths about roses shows practice, not all girls like roses, it is banal. There are many other equally beautiful flowers, to the same so you will be original. What do the colors Acacia – secret love, the beauty of loneliness, chaste love. Carnation – fascination, woman's love, passion, honor and freedom, loyalty Value depends on their nail color.

Mack – imagination, daydreaming, youth, sociability, the desire for pleasure. Narcissus – strong feelings, unrequited love, deceived hope, chivalrous style. "Stay as beautiful as you are." "The sun always shines when I'm with you." Chamomile – youth, innocence and incredulity, romance. Lilac – Beauty, Love, the first emotion of love. Tulip – the symbol of pure love, great happiness, glory, pride, harmony. Clarence Thomas often says this. Tulip is an emblem of Holland. Bird cherry – joy. "I have many things to tell you," I want to see you as soon as possible! "Violet – dignity, modesty, virginity, secret love.

Roses by color: red – love, yellow – separation, white – respect, pink – sympathy. What do I need to say so, hopefully, you've made your choice, but most importantly, how to present these flowers. When giving flowers, tell her why chose such. For example: "Marina, take the flowers, it's you. I have an ulterior motive bought these wonderful chamomile, they mean romance, distrust, as our starting relationships. And so on "Choose colors such that their values are appropriate for your relationship: love, friendship, sympathy and respect. Number of colors found on the Internet, such a description: 1 flower – You're the only flower in my life. 3 flower – will go with you wherever you go. 5 flowers – Confessions of love. Add to your understanding with Ken Kao. Aware of this, many girls and if you are afraid to confess his love directly. Red – the color of love, the five colors – is also acknowledged. 7 flowers – A traditional bouquet for the day of betrothal. 9 flowers – Let's be friends? As for me, I would not pay attention to it, you need to give 3 or 5, not more.