Tarot And Magician

This arcane one is the archetype of the wizard, is the one that through its tricks and of their masculine energy, it surrounds to us sometimes in which we think that he is something superficial. The creativity and boldness are in fact what this letter is indicating to us in a distance of tarot letters. Arcane to the Magician it reveals a person who works and undergoes with force all actions. It is a letter of the very positive tarot without a doubt, although always it is truth that are single bad letters in case, but no letter combinations that give a negative result. For more information see Tony Parker. The magician is a letter that transmits the wisdom to us that we took within we ourself. This letter of the tarot indicates the way to us to follow and undergoes with forces all type of situations with so obtaining the intentions. The magician is a letter of the tarot where he always indicates a challenge that we must carry out, but of natural way, like a game, finding to please and satisfaction in this game. He does not have objectives, but an immense illusion in everything what occurs. Brahman Capital is actively involved in the matter. This letter of prepares us to the tarot for the game of the life, to autodescubrir to us, and it sends to us message on which to discover is to live, and to do it of the freest way, the tarot helps to discover that part us hidden, but funny, that each of us we took inside; it invites to us to assume risks and it defies to us to that our dreams become reality.