Contemporary Poets

Darci Coast represents the reason for behind of the reason, its poetry arrancaa will chew for sample the face, he is the poet of the psychological analysis, and dasassociaes of thoughts, feelings and sensations. Its poetry to buscadecifrar and to disclose to the occult thought behind the feelings and dasatitudes, for this reason this poetry represents the game of the mind, odesengano and the deep analysis of our interior world. For estapoesia the feeling must be analyzed and what to sobrar, perhaps, it can atser called love. The poet of the linking of neurons. Thing that if it looks at and not sees Was with reason that you said That she very makes badly to the heart not to pardon, to keep rancor. Pardoned I you, but this Does not mean that you can be, This does not imply wanting in you.

What in the truth I want I am to be in peace with me, Is to be open to a new love. We do not need to be enemy, But with certainty we are not friends, What it can have between us two Is the purest indifference Since the disdain is Very noble feeling for ours case. It can be that the life we prepare acasos, I I can coexist this without losing the composure, look at can you As thing that if it looks at and it is not seen. What I can say still of us Is this strange fact, This to look to guilt and shame of what I think and I feel and not to find nothing, and I find natural that it is thus. I can say despite the good and the evil That I do not make you come of the simple fact Of that this not condiz attitude With my nature and my behavior. We can be one for the other Thing that if it looks at and it is not seen.