Egypt 2010 Hurghada, Arabia Azur

This article is about vacations in Hurghada Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 *. Forgot about everything in almost a month in early May. Drove us Intourist. We were three to four-year girl. I'll start from the beginning. All organized Intourist, we flew with him for the first time, and, in fact, a little worried as it will take. But everything went very smoothly.

And here and there. All as conveniently and as it should. Transaero flew straight from the tin on the Tu-214. Wonderful only from the factory apparently apparatus. Flew Sunday afternoon. Read on the Internet Some tour operators charge for this flight surcharge. In Hurghada flew well, and in Moscow, it was not as smooth.

Initially, we were circling in the sky, not planted. And then did not work opening the door plane. As a result, late arrival at Domodedovo more than an hour. Red Sea in the complex Arabia Azur remarkable. In itself, the Red Sea which is great. The best thing is the sea, I think Red. In Arabia it is also diverse. Indeed, in Arabia Azur is a sandy entry into the Morea sunset over the rocks. It's great when a holiday with detenkom. Our baby is there that he began to swim within a few days. But initially it was not to make all go in the water. On the reef can also swim with a mask. Although the reef is not placed next to the reef in Sharm El-, but the fish is and look there for that. Fish huge amount. There were stingrays, crabs and fish fry. And a very large number of different animals. Is exactly the problem with sunbeds. In the right place to take a lager beforehand, her watch at 7. But the food is not all so rosy. Children's table in the concept of our Egyptian friends in Arabia is a spicy sausage and french fries. I give her so I can not, and there he would not. And all the food there is peppered with spices and find something to eat a minor child rather complicated. And adults in seven days bored pretty monotonous meals. Breakfast so that in general all three weeks were strictly the same. Beer tolerant, but many do not drink are not drunken. I have tried many drink. Other drinks rum, white wine problematic to distinguish from one another. But with them you can muster. And many Europeans are not able to calculate their potential. But clearly with the occupation of the tables in the lunch. And Whereas that such a dinner in the open, not to sit on the sun, it was necessary to hold a table for 30 minutes before lunch. Animation is absolutely no. Something like small towns, beach volleyball, children's disco in German. Unusually high number of 10 billiard tables, nothing. On the beach Arabia Azur can take a catamaran ride for 13 bucks an hour, you can ride a banana, or a parachute. Tennis Court free of charge during the day, a gym, also a gift, but the hall so-so, very plohenky and not consistent with what many in the advertising pictures. Rooms are beautiful, spacious, but the worldly-wise. The room Freestuff kettle with tea spoons, mini-bar. We first lived in a room, every living creatures. In particular felt the aesthetic shock of huge common cockroaches. There were ants, trying to get into a cat. Total Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 * may please, if you do not notice the problem and enjoy the sea, which there is really cool.