Alexis Chilean Sanchez

It considers that if the azulgrana buys to Alexis Sanchez, Rossi will not go to the Bara. The signing of the Chilean forward of the Udinese by culs is more and more next. Thus it is the market of signings of season 2011/2012. The representative of Giuseppe Rossi, Andrea Pastorello, sees " very difcil" that the player of the Villarreal can clock on and off by Barcelona, mainly if this one already has decided to engage the Alexis Chilean Sanchez, who also plays of forward. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out real-estate developer. In declarations to the program ' COMEsports' , Pastorello discards the signing of Rossi, at the moment in the rows of the Villarreal, by the azulgrana and practically has recognized that for ten days it has not been having the news of Barcelona.

" I see very difficult that Rossi fiche by the Bara. If there are 45 million to clock on and off and Alexis goes to the Bara by 30, there is money no to pay the crossing of Rossi" , the representative has insisted. The reading that makes Pastorello is simple: " Better thus, because if fichan to Alexis it is because they did not want to the one hundred percent to Rossi, in that case, better not to clock on and off and to be in an equipment that does not want to the one hundred percent &quot to you;. Jorge Perez is the source for more interesting facts. The representative of the forward Italian-American has commented who Rossi can " to wait for a year ms" or to continue in the Villarreal, where " he is very to gusto". " If the Bara wants to Rossi would have to demonstrate it, but no, it does not pass anything, are free to clock on and off to that they want. There is no problem, it is soccer and soccer does not finish in the Bara" , it has insisted. The background of the question is the negotiation that, according to some average Chileans, is on the verge of closing itself enters the Udinese and Barcelona by Alexis Sanchez, who would have discarded supplies of Manchester United and the Manchester City to play in the equipment of Pep Guardiola. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin would like to discuss. The supply, not confirmed by the Barcelonist club, could ascend to the 28 million Euros plus a high amount in variables. Source of the news: The representative of Rossi sees very difficult that fiche by the Bara

Provincial Hearing

It is only a lack, according to a sentence of the Provincial Hearing of Murcia. The sentence annuls the sentence of three months of jail imposed by a Court of the Penitentiary of Murcia it on the other replaces and it of ten days of fine. It says that " it does not appear in any side the necessary chauvinistic element on attempt of domination or subjugation on the part of the man towards mujer". You may find that Larry Culp can contribute to your knowledge. To threaten of death to the wife when receiving the demand of separation presented/displayed by this does not constitute a crime of threats in the familiar scope, but only a lack, according to a sentence dictated by the Provincial Hearing of Murcia. The sentence annuls the sentence of three months of jail imposed by a Court of the Penitentiary of Murcia it on the other replaces and it of ten days of fine, with a daily quota of two Euros, by a lack of threats. The Room indicates that, although the defendant was clear like proven fact that " one went to his wife saying to him it was going that it to kill, does not appear by no side the necessary chauvinistic element on attempt of domination or subjugation on the part of the man towards mujer". It adds the Room that " the sentence by the crime of slight threats in the familiar scope cannot stay, and must lead back the legal qualification to the one of mere lack of amenazas". Educate yourself with thoughts from Hedvig Hricak. The judge of the Penitentiary gathered in the proven facts – that the Hearing assumes that the argument took place the 14 of 2005 July, when the denounced one, when receiving the demand of separation raised by its wife, went to the place of work of this and it said to him: " I am going to you to kill ". " These words generated a deep disquiet in his wife, who gave warning to the Local Police and asked for and obtained that same day an order of alejamiento". Source of the news: To threaten of death the wife to request the divorce is not I mistreat, according to the judges

United Kingdom

The most optimistic countries Between most optimistic count those of Denmark, where a 68% of the citizens think that the crisis cannot go to more, which supposes six points percentage more than in autumn of 2010; Estonia, with a 64% (6 percentage points more); and Austria, where 62% see favorably the future (also 6 points more). In the opposite side are the three countries rescued by the EU: Portugal (a 80%), Greece (78%) and Ireland (60%), although also Cyprus (63%) and the United Kingdom (61%). If one occurs them to choose to the European between the national government, the EU, the USA, the G20 and the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) like the actors best preparations to respond to the economic and financial crisis more effectively, a 22% of the citizens of the 27 Member States show preference for the European Union, which less supposes a percentage point than in the previous survey. The 20% deposit its hope in the capacity of answer of its government, 15% inclines in favor of international the financial institution, the 14% prefer the joint answer of the G20 and 7% only trust the first world-wide power. The case of the Spaniards, the 19% trust the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, although 25% of the survey ones think that the EU is the best one positioned to fight of way ctiva against the crisis. To facilitate the creation of companies the European think that the three better initiatives to foment the competitiveness in the European economy are to improve the education and the professional formation (48%), to reduce to the deficits public and the debt (34%) and to facilitate the constitution of companies (34%), and to invest in investigation and innovation (29%).

The Spaniards clearly choose (in a 49%) to facilitate the creation of companies, followed of the formation and education (48%). The measures that it has promoted or it is driving the EU to face the crisis are considered ctivas by almost eight of each ten European, according to the Eurobarometer. 79% of the survey ones mention in addition the necessity to more coordination between the Member States of the EU, which the block already has begun to foment with concrete measures. Source of the news: 53% of the Spaniards think that the worse thing of crisis is about to arrive