Intelligent Homes

Home Automation allows us to automation, either complete or partial, of the different installations of home. Through it we will obtain more energy efficiency, comfort, comfort or safety. Among these facilities, we can distinguish the following: lighting, heating and air conditioning, various enclosures as blinds, curtains, doors and Windows, appliances and many others. Provide intelligence to the household consists of interconnection (integration) of all electrical devices of the same. Home uses the same techniques of automation than in buildings but enhancing certain characteristics as safety in the home, arrangement of gardens, feed pets, audio-visual entertainment and other specific automated applications for dinners or parties. The control of all these devices, which are connected through an IP network, via a device that has capacity of connection to the internet (or other network), either from inside or outside of the home.

Different fairs and congresses have exposed these futuristic devices that compose the intelligent home. Since it allows to considerably improve the quality of people’s lives, through features such as those previously described, currently enjoys wide acceptance. Full news in smart homes of the future.