Forever I will live 25.02.08 I want that each day the possible fastest pass, I want I concluded my objectives, in this life alone I wait the eternity. Therefore it will be my life of truth, in this life in the land I want paid my sin here, I wait that GOD hears my message. For the eternity I want to fly as it frees me to bird, all the provaes, It distresses I want forgets, pra me only lives. Souvenir, homesickness, everything all will be truth therefore we in will find them together we will live. Pra me each day is a new conquest, but all end initiates a start, I will be eternalized by my good acts and studied by my past.

I go to characterize my life, therefore the philosophy is a form of life that facilitates and me guide. GOD never I will forget therefore its Holy Writ to it demarcates each day, teaches in them, the guide For all the life for the eternity that makes its will. Philosophy, Buddha, Alchemy however it may be act with love, either trovador Or scholar loves the life but you grow in spirit you will go with me pra To be illuminated The life finishes and the soul travels for the eternity and you it will live of truth. Weverton Notrevew