We could not imagine another couple of decades ago that such a seemingly ordinary interroom door may come before us in so many forms. A growing number of items of our household items made people think about how to save their housing space. And then the architects designers turned to the experience , where the lack of space has always been important. Click Tony Parker to learn more. New doors partitioning 'shoji' borrowed from the Japanese Society was adopted on the basis of their cheers vsemi.Na appeared many new types of peregrodok. Try to classify all the little door. So the nature of their movement can be divided into: wing doors doors and partitions transformed to swing includes most manufactured doors. Their design consists of a door frame on which to pomoschyupetel hinged door leaf.

Swinging doors can be both right and left-handed. By the number of blades hinged doors can be divided into: By type leaf are deaf and glazed. Door leaf can be either entirely of solid wood of the same breed and nabrannayaiz different breeds. The latter usually get off with more valuable species of veneer and varnished. In the interior premises made use of panel doors. Types of doors Mezonitovye door This kind of swing doors made of fine fractions of wood (MDF).

The front surface is made of veneer or laminate. Mezonitovye doors are strong enough and durable. Plastic doors Appeared on the market quite recently. They are lighter wood and can be made in any color din suitable for the desired interior space.