Russian Revolution

Although some of its albums to receive names in English, all musics are in Russian, speaking regarding paganismo, old Slavic legends and its deuses (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Fferyllt: This group executes Folk Metal, alternating vocal feminine and masculine, something typical the great part them bands who if dedicate to such style. Its letters comumente say regarding paganismo and druidismo, typical beliefs of old peoples as the gauleses, Bretons and vikings, but also of shamanismo, typical belief of the natives of Siberia (BOBRICK, 1992; BLINIKOV, 2011). The band also speaks regarding the satr, that is a movement neopago, of religious matrix, whose objective is retaken of the beliefs the spirituals of vikings, following the teachings contained in the Eddas, old sacred writings of that people (OBOLENSKY, 1994; SHUBIN, 2004; STRMISKA, 2004). – The Kalevala: Curiously, the name of this band has little direct relation with the history of Russia, but with the one of surrounding regions, in Scandinavia. The Kalevala name mentions to it the national epic of the Finlndia, congregating old popular songs of the Finnish people, over all the inhabitants of the region of the Carlia, today pertaining area to the Russian Federacy. In 1810, the Finlndia had been incorporated to the Russian Empire for the czar Alexander I.

the Kalevala was important a half one to keep living creature the nationalism of the Finnish people, feeling this that took to get rid it of the Russian domination in 1917, year of the Russian Revolution. In its letters, quick the Kalevala band some homage to the first inhabitants of the Russian territory, saying regarding paganismo and mythology Scandinavian (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Kipelov: The vocalista Valeriy Kipelov is an former-integrant one of the Aria band, one of oldest of Russia. Kipelov follows in alone career since 2002, executing Power Metal. Although its musics directly do not approach the history of its country, all they are sung in Russian, what it is a form to divulge the language, a time that it obtained great amount of fans in other countries.