Articles About Ancient Animals

Tyrannosaurus ran on two hind legs. His monstrous lapischi measure giant steps in the 4 m long. He could easily jump over accidentally by an elephant are medium in size! The length of the trail tyrannosaur – 76 cm, width – nearly 80 cm The emergence of a tyrannosaur terrified by the ancient inhabitants of the planet. From his teeth, many lizards on the example of Stegosaurus were hiding in their ossified skin, as in the dugout. There are many unanswered questions concerning tyrannosaurs, for example, of necessity, or, conversely, of the futility of their undeveloped forelimbs.

In Allosaurus – the biggest predator of the Jurassic period – were relatively small, but powerful three-fingered forelimbs, which he used for hunting. Compared with the tiny front paws didactylism tyrannosaur had to be useless for hunting, from which some scientists have concluded that he probably was falling hog than a murderer. The short front legs are not very suitable for a hunting and fighting. But they may be useful in another. Tyrannosaurus used its forelimbs to keep their food. He may have helped them myself to get up, when to get up off the ground after sleep.