Steve Francis Rockets

Despite the personal success of Tracy McGrady, Orlando, it could not get into the playoffs. And in June 2004, Tracy McGrady, along with teammates Dzhuvanom Hovadom, Tyrone and Lew Rees Gaines were traded to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Steve Francis, Kelvin and Kate Kuttino Mobley. Now Timakov with Yao Ming were a formidable pair in the attack. In his first season in the Rockets, Tracy once his team into fifth place in Western Conference, but at 1 / 8 finals series Playoffs Houston lost to the team the Dallas Mavericks in seven games stubborn. Season 6.5 has stood out for McGrady is not very successful.

He was persecuted many injuries, so he missed most of the season, and Rockets could not get in playoffs. In 2006-2007, Tracy led Rockets to 52 victories in a season, it was the best result for the team over the past 10 years. But, when he met with Utah Jazz, flew back from the stage of eighth play-off after 7 games. After the defeat Timakov promised to do everything in his power to get the title of champions of the association. Indeed, in 2008 Houston Rockets, scored 22 victories in a row. It was the second best in the history of the league and the team won the fifth place in the season and again appeared in the playoffs, where they were again waiting for a meeting with the Utah Jazz. Even in the absence of Yao, who broke his leg in February 2007, the Houston Rockets and fought with dignity even beat Utah in the third game on their own floor. But some efforts Tracy McGrady is clearly not enough to knock the Jazz series.