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” When a person does not perceive something, she does not mean that something does not exist, but he still not it percibe.” (Rab M. Walles). We really did not have opportunities? Or it is that we did not see them happen or we did not look for because objectively we were not pending or preparations to them u occupied in ” subjects urgentes”. If we are not pending than we have, which is to ours around and we do not pause a moment to listen to music: the own one, our thoughts, our balance, to see the opportunities, to appreciate what you have close, to occur to account del that is alongside yours, with its music and than you can do and help what other things we will be losing ourselves more? ” The human being is a compound of body and soul. Consequently, all our subjects and activities contain elements of body and soul – the material and the spiritual.

Routine the worldly activities and generally are motivated by the material and physical gain. Nevertheless, ” alma” of all those physical subjects it demands to be recognized – it brings back to consciousness of which there are majors more objectives and an elevated intention. Each of us is a microcosm of all the Creation. The profit of harmony in the own soul and the own material life, is the profit of the harmony between the sky and the Earth “. (It reviews).

The life has a level higher than the daily routine, is to impregnate each work with one more a lifted dimension than the simple action of the task to do. You do not despise your possibility than you can manage to be; it listens, it watches, it perceives and you will realize how special and lucky you are, is kind to the opportunities that the life presents/displays to you. You do not let pass opportunities to be entertained, occupied, worried or slept. It loves God that we are able to perceive what there is within us and to ours around and coverall to listen and to see through soul.