Invent New Words

It is good for having many books and magazines in the house or for taking his son to the library with regularity Ani it to me to write daily on the daily activities and realised discoveries to read it soon aloud. Dejadlo that it listens the foreign languages, to make with the games of words like the Scrabble or Invent New Words. Logico-mathematical intelligence In order to stimulate the logico-mathematical development the boy must play with the colors, forms and sizes, such as to count the objects of yellow color in the room or to count objects of a certain form. They will be enchanted to solve puzles or games like the chess. The musical development stimulates when listening diverse sorts of music, playing or touching the different musical instruments to even maintain the rate of the beats with the hands in some hard surfaces.

To see films, together and to speak about how the film directors make use specific of musical effects to transmit different messages. To animate them to create its own songs using the diverse subjects of the home (glasses, for example). It stops to stimulate its development physical-motor, Tries to dance with him, different musical sorts, anmalo to make sport, leaves its young one touches the objects, djelo to manipulate and to create objects, to sew or to cook or to construct models of its imagination. There are many techniques to stimulate his line of vision-space intelligence. For example: drawing, painting, collage, textiles, mosaics and sculptures. Interpersonal intelligence (the capacity to be related) This form of intelligence can be stimulated by any form of interaction with others.

Asegrese of which the children interact with the children of their same age, which they play together, they study together, or develops together several activities. To encourage them to explore the different points of view from a situation or to see how others would be affected by their actions. Intrapersonal intelligence (knowledge of itself) can be fomented through debate with the young ones exceeds what they like and they do not like, requesting in the same time arguments to them. To animate to boy to become questions on the decisions taken during the day. Ensele to report its own strength and weaknesses.