Restaurant Decoration

Inheritance of the parents. Decorated well, three rooms, seen for the sea. All the nights when closing the restaurant, Jose Emanuel folloied Of the Favours until would carry of the building. More for precaution and cares, of what for another thing It is arisen early, intended to make some purchases. Taken bath and the old habit to take coffee in the bakery of ' ' trais of montes' ' , but to the evil it finishes of if to dress the telephone touched. Alou. What is falaires? Of the Favours.

Of pra to give a pull to you here in my apartment? To give a pull? Wait. Soon already I jumped. Not. I need he comes that you here, I I am not feeling myself well. But oh! Of the Favours which is the numeral of its particular habitation? in the room to walk, 400. I go to leave the open door is to enter alone you.

But it comes as soon as I am not feeling myself well. But, oh of the Favours, as is knows that estaires not to feel itself well? Already you felt yourself badly? It left before without giving orientation to the employees. Distava three you so only square. But it used to advantage that way it passed a taxi. Fast, therefore, therefore. You are I change with it. The four you launch of stairs, had been engolidos. Oh! Of the Favours. Where these? Here. I guide myself for the voice. When entering the room, simply was stopped. Stopped as it decrees of the woman of J. Petrified. Amazement. Abobalhado. Of the Favours she was lying, with total transparent a white nightgown. Without nothing underneath. A tenuous veil of silk finssima only covered that sculpture in form of mulh