Tips For The Installation Of Fireplaces, Mosaic

If you want to buy a rustic fireplace for your home you currently have two possibilities. The easiest is to go to any store specializing in the sale of rustic or decorative fireplaces where sell us the kit, which contains the components of the external structure (stones, refractory bricks and wood beam) and the home or insert depending on the type of fireplace. The second possibility is that you only buy the home or the insert and with a good DIY manual can make decorative structure to your liking. In the first case must follow several steps: well leveled soils where we will place the rustic fireplaces. Then we put with help of the bubble level base of the chimney pieces, it is how to make a single puzzle that a little more heavy. But thanks to the installation manual which comes included, there practically no doubt. The pieces are joined with refractory mortar.

Place the home or insert depending on the type of fireplace that we’re riding. This is the only time where we will need the help of another person by the high weight of the home. It is advisable, before place home, isolate heat wall of work with an insulating panel, which is composed of a layer of about 3 cm of thickness of glass wool, a layer of 1 cm thick of fiber ceramica(no en todos los modelos) and with a sheet of aluminum. The layer of glass wool is attached to the wall. This way isolate the wall allows reduce the temperature, which broadcasts home (approximately 400 c) at 40 C which prevents cause cracks and/or overheating of the walls. Mounted stone jambs, join them with the lintel made of refractory bricks and placed the wooden beam, which is usually of oak.

So we have the fireplaces kit rustic assembled and prepared for later connection to the flue duct and installation of the fireplace hood. In the second case we have that be a very ingenious and constructive bricoman with clear ideas about the type of fireplace rustic that we want to achieve, but with a proper DIY and knowledge manual zooms in on available local materials, will achieve it very easy. The only thing that we have to do, is manufacture decorative parts of our fireplace with refractory mortar using local materials in our area: refractory bricks or stones.Prepare the lintel on the floor to avoid the formwork. Once dry we placed it on your site. We can make Coronation beam with a trunk of oak or also with refractory bricks depending on the decorative style, which we want to achieve. The latter case is more work but gives us satisfaction of having a unique design into possible market fireplaces. Original author and source of the article