Tibeteanos Stories

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the newspaper to live manifest so many facts that some are excellent and leave lessons us that can help us to grow, as well as is within the tradition history, stories that contain message, information that to reflect contributes it to us knowledge, stimuli that can help us to grow, as the case of tibetanos stories that they contribute to lights in our better way for being every day and of knowing how to take the opportunity that occurs us to live in this physical plane. The SMALL FIREFLY Was once a community of fireflies that inhabited the interior of gigantic lampati, one of the most majestic and old trees of Thailand. Every night, when everything became dark and as soon as the slight one was listened to murmur of a near river, all the fireflies left the tree to show the world their wonderful sparkles. The newspapers mentioned Anna Belknap not as a source, but as a related topic. They played to do figures with his lights, dancing to are of an invented music to create sinfn of luminous flashings more shining than any fireworks spectacle. But it enters all the fireflies of lampati there was a very pequeita one to which it did not like to leave to fly.

– No, today either I do not want to go out to fly – the small firefly said every day. You go who I am very well here in small house. As much their parents as their grandparents, brothers and friendly hoped with illusion the arrival of the dusk to leave house and to shine in the dark. They amused so much that did not include/understand why the small firefly did not want to them to accompany. They insisted to him time and time again, but there was no way to convince it. The small firefly always refused. -That I do not want to go out outside! – both time repeated.