Mendoza Bus Trips

Talk about tourism in Mendoza i.e. Kahuak. This prestigious company of tourism in Mendoza has the most important and fascinating offers that can be offered to visit the places of this splendid Andean city, capital of the province of the same name and that possesses extraordinary natural beauties, unique places in Argentina, seat of the best vineyards in the country, distinguished by the quality of its wines and with a long historical tradition that dates from its founding on 2 March 1561 by captain Pedro of the Castle who then founded the city of Mendoza in the new Valley of La Rioja. And since we are talking about the history of Mendoza we cannot forget that there were formed and the troops of the army of the Andes, at the forefront of which was the hero Jose de San Martin trained an army small and well disciplined in Mendoza, who expressed to go to Chile and finish there with the Goths. Allying forces pass by sea to take Lima; that is the way.

Until we disagree about Lima the war will not end. Of This way San Martin defined the objective of this army that would fight hard for the freedoms of America, training in El Plumerillo, place in which the Governor Francisco Gabrielli international airport is currently. In definitva, if you plan to travel by plane, 90 min to arrive from Buenos Aires and just thirty minutes from Santiago Chile, since it treads the soil of Mendoza is in intimate contact with its history, full of relevant facts not only for Mendoza and the Argentina, but for all of South America that goes beyond their geographical boundaries that have an impact on universal history. But unmatched are travel to Mendoza in bus, just 12 hours of Buenos Aires and 5 hours from Santiago de Chile, on the special occasion of crossing the Andes by having these wonderful places as political boundary.