The Expert

Not surprisingly, we find us with a great number of people facing emotional, psychological problems and even health not knowing face and properly manage its relationship with the work. Them forget that they must know to take life beyond of what offers work, they should enjoy their moments, free, share them with family, friends, nature, with everything that will help them to grow, especially in the spiritual. We know that the work is a constitutional right and a way of accessing a level optimal quality of life for our family, a form of realization and own enrichment and staff, that all can access, the problem is that this not enslave us, nor violates our life in the psychic and physical, must know also exploit the present, every minute of our life in all those actions that help us to be increasingly better and enjoy the opportunity to live. There is an anecdote, tale, which can help you understand the importance of knowing how to handle the situation. A single tourist walks along the beach, enjoying the tranquility and the solitary atmosphere of the early hours of the morning. But it takes not to realize that a fisherman from the town, lying in the shadow of your boat is also found in this scenario. This begins to cross-examine the poor fisherman, asking why it isn’t working, as it should be.

The fisherman, answers that today was lucky: he has already obtained a great fishing and has sold it to the fishmonger for a good price. In his opinion, he won already more than enough money for today. Then the tourist is shocked and warns the fisherman must pay more attention to future eventualities: it is possible that not always have as much luck as today and, therefore, it would be convenient to save money for the bad times. Moreover, the fisherman must think about his family in the event of a serious accident and must also save for a possible disaster. The fisherman explains that he knows well his work, with all the tricks and, therefore, confident that you pescara always sufficient, although perhaps not as much as today. And if happen worse – that God wants not! – there is no why despair; After all, has many relatives and good friends who no doubt would be willing to help your family in case of bad luck. Meanwhile, the tourist suggests the fisherman that you should use your time to the maximum, rather than remain idle; It could thus fish most every day. The extra money on this fishery could invest in modern equipment to fish even more and get more revenue.

In this way, the fisherman could invest more money, and eventually purchased a good boat, and so on after some fantasies, the expert in development in power is already imagining the purchase of helicopters to bring fresh supplies to the chain of luxury restaurants specialized in fish. Fisher interrupted his monologue to ask him why they must pass both work for such development. At this point, the developmental amateur feels triumphant: If you manage all this, will have enough money to do everything that you want the rest of your life, have more time for your family, more leisure time and more money to give them tastes who want. That’s all very well replied the fisherman but thats what I am already doing invite to reflections as you are driving their working relationship, which has actually achieved this and that way has provided more benefits than problems.