Spaniards Vacation

While only 4% of Spaniards believe that the most important thing in life is to work and we’re too busy to have vacation, Spaniards do not use four days of paid vacation. The Vacation Deprivation Survey survey shows that our days of annual vacation oscillate between 30 and 31 days a year (which is much compared with 14 days of vacation for Americans), though the numbers do not change: 24% of us don’t use all their vacation days. Another surprise of the Vacation Deprivation Survey of Expedia is the revelation of the Spaniards as who would pay more for an extra day of vacation, 53% of them, compared with 32% of the Dutch, 33% of the Austrians, and 26% of the Germans. On the other hand, 18% of Spaniards, the highest percentage in the survey, would not take all his days of vacation in exchange for economic compensation. Finally, a significant fact about our holiday habits in relation to our working life, is the fact that only 14% of Spaniards control their mail or answering machine from work during the holidays, preceded only by the Dutch (12%). Americans are those having less vacation Expedia analyzed the vacation habits of U.S. workers.USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and, for the first time, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. Britain has 24 days.

Germany, Spain and France, have 27 days, 31 days and 37 days respectively. Employees in the Netherlands and Austria have an average of 28 days. Who has the best vacation? And the worst? The best: France wins the distinction of being the country with more days of vacation on the surveyed countries. France employees have an average of 37 days of vacation each year, compared with the 14 employees of EE.UU. and 26 employees in Great Britain. French workers pick up an average of 34 days of vacation per year, compared to 13 days from U.S. employees.UU.

and the 23 employees of Great Britain. The worst: Over the eight years that the Vacation Deprivation Survey, the United States has carried out.UU. they are distinguished by being the country with the worst vacation habits. United States employees are those who have less vacation days a year (14 days). Why recommends Americans choose from our range of hotels in Miami Beach, hotels in Washington, among others, give a well deserved holiday.